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We hope the following can help us make a change: Governor Holcomb

Change in dcs service in indiana

Indianababies is standing up for the mishandling of dcs cases due overwhelmed system and unqualified caseworkers.  Just because we have a voice to advocate for our right don't mean we have anger issues.  Also to many families our destroyed due to pre judgement.  Also 18 months is not enough time for some cases.  Also mental health check up need to be run on workers n drug test.


It's time for a change 

Also asking for Allen County Department head removal and waterfront Marion County head removal 

Crystal walton anderson  had a small claim warrant n case work issues in 2005 and forced to sign an open adoption agreement. Why? 

2021 children was removed due to faith. Why?

Indianababies needs your help to push our government to look into cases n many others. 

Thank you for your help

Human Rights

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