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We hope the following can help us make a change: Donald J. Trump

Fire Ann Wagner/Draft Paul Berry III for U.S. Congress

Missouri Congressional District 2 Congresswoman Ann Wagner has sold out Eastern Missouri time and time again. A carbon copy of Liz Cheney, Ann Wagner is disloyal to St. Louis County, St. Charles County and President Donald J. Trump. In fact, Ann Wagner opposed President Trump's election in 2016 to the benefit of Hillary Clinton, which is an embarrassment to the State of Missouri.

Paul Berry III has led the charge fighting against unconstitutional COVID 19 mandates, liberal school board policies, cop hating political officials and socialism infecting eastern Missouri. Just like DJT, PBIII took the fight to liberal media and the "Zoo of RINOS" running amuck in Washington D.C.

The Eastern Missouri Lady Patriots unanimously "pre-endorse" Paul Berry III's potential run for United States Congress. We ask that you join our petition requesting Donald J. Trump DRAFT Paul Berry III to oppose Ann Wagner's return to our U.S. Congress! Paul Berry III is a TRUE PATRIOT who has fought St. Louis County Executive Sam Page and Congresswoman Cory Bush's socialist public policy time and time again, while Ann Wagner represents shady special interests and is QUEEN OF THE DEEP STATE!

If you agree that Donald J. Trump should DRAFT Paul Berry III to replace Ann Wagner as the next Congressman of Missouri Congressional District 2, please sign this petition and share with like-minded Patriots!

Thank You,

Eastern Missouri Lady Patriots


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