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A period leave

Women all over the world experience awful period pains every month. 
Many females have pain more than others, but either way the wind blow it is still hurtful to our bodies.

Women who have cycles every month should have time off from work & school when their period starts and end. I don’t think it is fair for us to work in a time such as that.
This should have been a law in the book from the beginning. There is this one family member of mines who throws up every time she gets her period. A law to let women stay home from work on their period needs to take action immediately.
Men can’t seem to understand the pain our periods put us through. 
Women experience cramping, vomiting, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, pooping, sadness and etc. 

Fact 1: Japan has had a period leave for over 70 years. Why can’t the united states have one? 
There are more countries with a period leave but we don’t have one. 
Women should have a right to be home in a comfort zone while the pain, heavy bleeding, and sickness pass. And after that goes away we as women can return back to both work & school.
Most of the time the medication that we take for periods doesn’t work so we continue to be in pain until it blows away.
Wouldn't you rather have the period leave to be a law instead of calling in or missing days of school and explaining what you are going through just because it isn't a law for it yet? 

A break is needed for women in the united states, we go through enough already in life of just being a woman.

Please consider my voice of opinion.

Thank you

Women's Rights

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