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We hope the following can help us make a change: All Members, House Republican Conference


Kevin McCarthy spent MILLIONS OF DOLLARS attacking America-First Republicans when he could have been lifting up the Republicans we saw lose on Election night. 

Kevin McCarthy is a failed disgrace who cannot be trusted to lead.

Tell your Representative to vote 'NO' for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.


Dear Members of the House,

I’m signing this petition to ask you to vote 'NO' on Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

On November 8, conservative voters won the fight to take back the House of Representatives. And now, we’re expecting you and your colleagues to lead our fight in Congress.

It’s become clear that Kevin McCarthy is no conservative… and no fighter.

We need new leadership to help us secure this win and finish the fight to take back our country from the radical left.

Please stand with voters, not with the Establishment, and vote no on Kevin McCarthy. 


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